A while ago in the train
Watching a crowded city float under me
I realised, in a moment, under a sky turning mauve
We have already made love 

It happened first
at the school choir’s rehearsal, when
your voice tried touching mine, again and again 
at last uniting, gradually undressing my song
in the invisible air

And then once when you answered my call late
and told me stories about your grandmother
you repaired my soul while it was faraway
Showering it with memories I hadn’t seen  

And on countless occasions, after long strolls
when we shared numerous cups of tea
On each of those moments we made love
Using only observation and poetry, with time
we let subtle agreements grow
into open passion, which lost control
and offered themselves in public,
who in turn saw
only two people

But yesterday, for the first time, after words
We caressed using fingers, discovering
new hidden worlds within one another
I watched you disrobe, becoming
raw and beautiful, offering
you my entire self, I smiled at your closed eyes 

I had already entered
this gorgeous temple before
of how this prayer would end 

Long Night

a corner in the room
warm glass
a ray of streetlight
yellow faces
a flock of finches on the curtain

silent home
dimming eyes
a touch of breaths
long night