I Walk The Rivers

I walk the rivers, aimlessly
like a lost cloud in a summer sky
The grasslands I leave behind wave slowly
turning from amber to green through July
Preening pages and wolf cubs alike
I hear the horizon send prayers with the sun
A crackle of hyenas resonates with eccentric ease
Dawn erupts

I walk the rivers, calmly
Those who marry my path go nowhere yet everywhere
Seeking themselves in bits and pieces
Joining the past with today, forming
Narratives that dissolve in the mist of winter
I give my coat to the leafless tree
That hangs written pieces of me as a signboard
The cold ends

I walk the rivers, endlessly
The scent of birth reaches me with wailing antelopes
Burrowing owls hop towards me asking for directions
I skim buds of small flowers with floating fingertips
Witnessing each breeze become an excuse
For fallen leaves to take flight, to enamour
The sky with a groundless dance
I settle in a sage trance
Another season starts


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