Winter, 2013

that which came along with the winter
the cold breezes, thick linen
the swarm of cats on the main door
the thawing of leaves at each sunrise
the clouds blanketing the sacred grove
the streams of your hair over the bedsheet
young moist fingers
skimming one another at dawn
the whistle of thrushes

and there in the unperturbed distance
murders of crows dotting colonial rooftops
the hoofprints of mules
the scraped grass alongside the road
from here we witnessed the end of calmness
the blanket of clouds dissolving at sunbreak
a city of graves appearing in frozen bits
melting slowly under the circling griffons

leafless trees reaching out to windows
the texture of your arm against my jacket
and the monochrome photograph
of a missing friend
who we felt we found on every corner


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