I watched the sugar cubes dissolve in hot water
witnessed you
reduce yourself to one adjective 

grew alongside your mistakes, raising them
as children who would forget me later 

saw you run into the sea, the beams of light
shimmering the horizon into sparkles

in old pictures the glow of your younger faces
serenely fills the room with memories now

I watched you catch the bus to the city
from where you never returned
I reduced our last moment to a lost ticket 



9 thoughts on “Gone

      1. I haven’t studied poetry, nor am I a literature student. I just started writing and never looked back. Been a few years. 🙂 I read poetry on and off, but not as much as I write it. What about you?

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      2. Ditto, my first poem was a prompt from 9th grade English Teacher. I was smitten by her so I was tempted to write one, with no interest otherwise. Never wrote a poem until 2nd year of my college. Have been reading ever since, writing on and off. But sometimes, I feel dejected because I do not get feedback, and I’ve never had a mentor for anything, including writing.


      3. I wrote this a couple of years ago (I’ll incrementally increase the timeline :D)


        I smouldered the aftermaths of my birth
        gazed at the stars to tackle the scars
        left when you left.

        The pigeons, circumvolved my
        ephemeral memory, it was eyesome.
        It graded down the happenstances
        like the fade out effect in audacity.

        You aren’t really gone are you?
        Dad had those neuron sparkling in
        the head when brother took birth.

        And Grandma keeps looking for you
        in the liminal knocks of the wind
        I’m confused.

        The things she told you did,
        grazing the cows, while you read
        brother doesn’t do them! He barely
        likes reading and is almost 6’3’’ !


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