The Old Couple Crossing the Street

The old couple crossing the street 
Walk calmly over the zebra crossing
Unfazed by honking of traffic signal breakers
And the echoing prayers from the mosque in the cramped vicinity
Furthermore, they walk past
Shops selling scented soaps and linen
The buzz of date sellers doesn’t charm them
Neither does the aroma of tea being reduced
In ancient brass vessels
Corroded over time

Finding their house, they begin
Climbing the rickety staircase
That is open to the entire street
Bit by bit the handrail is touched
And all the plastic bags filled
With snacks and sweets for the party
Make it to the top
The man turns and looks at the other man
While they share a subtle smile
The key opens a beautiful burgundy door
I wonder whom they invited though 
Since I first noticed them
They were holding hands right through


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