​Leaning back against the wooden chair
You lit your cigarette, the lighter’s flame
Struggling to meet the tip at first
I liked watching you release your first drag
While dipping some mint leaves in my tea, swirled
them around slowly, smelling it all together
Sensing your smoke reach me

Earlier you walked beside me without talking
Looking at old buildings and old people
Sketching them all in your mind
Touching my side sparsely when cars passed by
Your sweater was rather soft

And even before that
When you were much younger, your hair
Lovelier still, your eyes
Filled with unseen years
There was that one day
When we sat at the café
Just after we hugged for the first time
I felt you falling for me slowly
I was mixing my tea as always
You didn’t smoke back then
But you seemed to leave things unspoken
The bill came rather fast
They should’ve let us sit
For longer



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